Chassis Dyno Testing & Tuning



Our SuperFlow AUTODYN 30 Eddy Current Dynamometer is capable of measuring and holding 1100HP (Single Eddy Current) with load control and peak power of 2500 HP . The AUTODYN 30 has the ability to simulate real world conditions without ever leaving the shop. We do not just give numbers, we give objective results and we strive to achieve the very best results in dyno tuning and testing.  With dual channel wide band O2 sensing capabilities, you can be sure you are receiving accurate and reliable data on each dyno pull to help you dial in your combination.


Perform acceleration, step and steady-state tests at all throttle settings.
View real-time torque output, at steady and changing speeds, to instantly evaluate changes you've made to the engine's fuel or timing maps with WinDyn software.
Diagnose engine and drivetrain problems.
Identify drivetrain frictional losses.
Troubleshoot driveability issues.
Control the entire test from a handheld controller, inside the test vehicle. 

The Bottom Line

Our chassis dyno with wide band O2 sensing capabilities is the perfect tool for objectively tuning your hot rod or race car.  Combined with our vast selection of tuning parts and modern ECU tuning hardware, we can tune your classic hot rod or modern track car.   

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